Cino Nights

Caffe Cino: We were all very young; we were all innocent; we knew nothing. We lived in a kind of Eden called Greenwich Village–this was a long time ago.

Greenwich Village then was the center of all the new arts, and everyone was talented, and no one was famous, and we all spent our time with each other’s work, learning and cribbing.

And one of the theatre centers was Caffe Cino, where young playwrights who knew nothing about what they were supposed to be doing made exciting work, and the failures were as exciting as the successes.

It was Eden. I miss it.

–Edward Albee

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Cino Night: #1
October 3rd, 2010


A new play by Gary Sunshine
Directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel
Featuring Stephen Bel Davies, Cathy Curtin, Jimmy Davis,
Mike Doyle
and Jeffrey Nauman